Zack (stern_bucket) wrote in pluralechoes,

this is... something. i don't know; but i like it!

Dance with me
Just your and my souls
I speak my mind – whisper in your ear
It doesn’t suffice

And you speak yours
Whole and beautiful
And I fall in
Deeper and deeper still

I can’t bear your rejection
It makes me fall further
Just hush
Let me be in awe
At you – skin and bones
That form something so
Wonderful almost impossible
Seeing is believing

You – this shrine to femininity
To be accepted by the woman
Let into her cradle
To be held there by loving arms
And bask in the warmth the love

I lay in your love and tenderness
Softness and compassion
And you can reside in my sturdy grasp
Be sheltered and anchored

We become this perfect sphere
With no fault line
No part farthest from the core
Invincible to all obstacles

to fate, even
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